cloudFor those that are new to hosting and want a website, everything can seem extremely confusing. The reality is that there are just so many options. Most people can’t really see why they should pay, say $50 per month, when there is a $5 per month option available. It is only when you really dig deeper, that you realize the huge benefits of one package compared to another. Although some packages might be 5-10 times the price of others, from a business perspective, the actually monetary difference is extremely minimal.

So, what is cloud hosting?

If you have looked around the internet to figure out what cloud hosting is, then you have finally reached the right place. Essentially, each website needs to be hosted on its own piece of space on the internet. Typically, a hosting provider might have 1-2 servers in order to service their clients. The problem with this is that whilst the majority of the time, the server can withstand the traffic, sometimes it might not. For instance, imagine one website advertises in a national newspaper, or they run an AdWords campaign.

This would see a huge influx in traffic and therefore, the web host might not be able to cope with it. Not only would the actual website go down that has done the advertising, but something even worse will happen. All of the other sites on the servers will either go offline for a short period of time, or they may experience a period where their websites are extremely slow.

Cloud hosting provides a simple solution to a complex problem. Essentially, the host will have connected with multiple servers. On some occasions, multiple hosting companies will connect to ensure that they have the space between them to manage all websites. What this does is spread the “weight” of the websites across all of the servers. Basically, it acts like a snow shoe in comparison to a pair of hiking boots.

When there is an influx in traffic, the other servers are able to take the strain for a short period of time. Likewise, when websites that are hosted on other servers see an influx in traffic, they will pass the “weight” of this traffic across other servers. All the servers work together to ensure that website uptime is at the very maximum that it can be.

Cloud hosting is a relatively new format of web hosting that focuses on keeping your website up and allowing it to cope with peaks in usage easily. This is achieved by spreading the resources required for your website among many physical servers thus reducing the reliance on any single piece of computing hardware.

Why cloud hosting?

Does your business operate online? If it does, then your website is not just a business card; it is an asset. It is your responsibility to ensure that uptime is at its maximum so that your revenue is the same. If you have a low quality hosting package and your website goes down, you could lose lots of revenue. It’s worth investing in the right hosting package the first time round, rather than risking your business.

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