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Coupon code:

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Hostgator is the #1 web host

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support with Live Chat


How to use the coupon

Step1: Click here to go to the official Hostgator website.
Step2: Click the “View Hosting Plans” button in the middle of the page.
Step3: Pick a hosting plan that suits your needs and click “Order Now
Step4: When you scroll down you will see a “Have a coupon code?” field. There you should enter one of the coupons mentioned above. It should look like this:

hostgator coupon

After clicking the “Validate” button, you will see the discounted price.

Hostgator Review

Hostgator has always been one of the most popular hosting sites, but it is the best web host? According to it is. We have tried many web hosts and have done a lot of research. We currently have 2 hosting accounts from Hostgator and I’ve been with them for over 5 years. HostGator is an award winning web hosting company, but they also can help with the construction and maintenance of your website. In this HostGator review you will learn what you need to know about the company and their offers.


One of the best features about this company is that they offer quality services for a good price. Furthermore, you will get live support which can be vital for your business. I’ve been with another web host before which offered email support only. It took the tech support a week to reply and imagine now how bad that was for my business. This host also works well with content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. Take a look at the hostgator coupon code below. Hostgator always has some promotion going on but you can save the most money if you use one of the coupon codes above.

HostGator has an impressive list of services, with many packages available for each service. Their main service of course is web hosting, with packages starting at just $4.86. They offer high quality hosting with stability rating of 99%, meaning your website will only go down an average of 1% of the time. Besides web hosting, they offer domains, help with creating websites, and more. They also offer some great bonus offers, such as a $100 Bing credit. With affordable, reasonable pricing and a slew of features, HostGator rates high.

Hostgator has recently updated their cpanel with the newest version. They’ve added QuickInstall, which is far superior to the good ol’ Fantastico. You can still install CMS like WordPress and Joomla with one click, but now you have more options like auto-update for WordPress or Login Limit (great against hackers).


As said before, the Hostgator support team is fantastic. They have live chat support, which is great when you have an urgent question. Other webhosts only offer email support and sometimes you have to wait for days to get an answer (for example on Lunarpages). But with the live chat support, you only have to wait a few minutes and you can chat online with a representative. The support team is always friendly and competent.

Easy To Use

A website is only as good as their user interface, and HostGator excels in that area as well. They make choosing and finding the right package for you easy and simple, while also offering professional, friendly and prompt customer service all along the way. From choosing to building to hosting and everything after, customer service representatives are available 24/7 every day of the year. Even hosting your website and building it as well if needed, is easy to do. HostGator allows even the more technologically inept to create a host the website of their dreams.

Hostgator has a money back guarantee

While many web hosting service websites are a one time, click and done operation, HostGator comes with no risk thanks to their 45 day money back guarantee. If at anytime during your first 45 days of service you’re not pleased, simply contact customer service for a full refund. This allows customers a peace of mind that other companies do not give. Because of this, and their constant customer service, HostGator is a risk free web hosting service company.

Choosing the right company to do your web hosting is important, web hosting costs money and nobody wants to waste their money. HostGator offers affordable, high quality services all while providing around the clock customer service and an no risk 45 day money back guarantee. HostGator is award winning for a reason, and that reason is quality services with bonus offers, amazing customer service, and much more. HostGator has a lot of good going for them, and because of that they are one of the top rated web hosting companies around.


This hosting company is voted #1 by this website and other review websites, as well as most users. You simply cannot find a better deal for this money. Simply use the new hostgator coupon code to get the lowest price. For years, Hostgator has been the #1 web hosting company and they still are, continuing to offer up to date software, quality services mixed with an excellent support. There really is no reason why not to try them, especially with the fantastic coupon code that gives you a big discount.

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