greengeeksGreenGeeks is one of the only hosting companies that focus on using renewable energy resources to power their operation. How is this possible? For every 1 unit of electricity that they use, they buy up 3 wind credits. They also help out with a range of fundraising projects within the green energy field. So if you are looking for a company that is promoting the sustainability of our planet, this is the hosting provider for you!

So why would you choose GreenGeeks web hosting? They are not just known for being eco-friendly, but a high quality web hosting company. They have won awards such as the Best Blog Hosting Company, back in 2010 and Best Support in the same year. Essentially, whether you are an expert webmaster or just starting your internet based journey, they have everything in place to make your internet empire thrive.


You are forgiven for thinking that because of their investment into green energy; their prices are going to be extortionate. In fact, compared with the major players in the industry, they are incredibly competitive. Expect to pay around $6 per month for a premium package. So, other hosting providers are essentially ripping customers off. They are charging the same or more, every single month, yet their investment into the green energy field is minimal, or non-existent.


You’ll have everything that you would expect from a top hosting company. They offer unlimited, well; everything. You can use as much bandwidth, file space, domains, emails and databases as you need, all controlled directly from an impressive and easy to use Cpanel. This is modern day hosting at its very best. Worried about uptime? This shouldn’t be a problem for those looking to use GreenGeeks web hosting. Their uptime report shows sites online for 99.8% of the time, which is incredibly impressive.


Of course, no company is perfect. The main issue that might be highlighted when it comes to GreenGeeks is the fact that they do not have experience with multiple high traffic websites. In comparison to other web hosting companies, their website gets minimal traffic. Now, this is not a direct problem, but it does suggest that there could be one. It either means that they have simply not been able to market themselves to the high traffic webmasters, or that what they offer is simply not suitable. Apart from that, their package is suitable for almost everyone.

So, is this the right web hosting company for you?

If you have a network of websites that could be considered to be low-med traffic, then this could be the perfect webhosting company to choose. Of course, one of the great things is that they are known for offering excellent customer support. If you have a network of websites that earn cash on a daily basis, then the last thing that you want is them going down, then having to speak to a poor customer support team. With GreenGeeks you will receive around 99.8% uptime and a quality level of customer service for the 0.2% that you have problems.