The truth is, that finding a good hosting company is not easy. There are thousands of reviews on different websites and forums and you can’t really tell if those reviews are fake or not.

When searching for a new web host you shouldn’t always look for the cheapest company, because you get what you pay for. Luckily nowadays a basic web hosting that is prefect for most websites is really cheap. There are only minor price differences among the companies. In order to find the best web-hosting site you have to take several aspects into consideration:

price  Price

Don’t choose the cheapest hosting package, but you also don’t have to take the most expensive one. Even the biggest hosting sites have packages for under $10 a month.

support  Support

Should you have problems with your site, a good support is what you need most. A live chat is a must have, to solve the problem as soon as possible, however not all hosting companies provide this.

popularity  Popularity

Usually the best web hosts have the most customers. A steady growth in customers makes it possible for them to offer quality services. You will never have to worry that a company goes broke, if you choose a popular one.

Reliable  Reliability

You may choose the best possible service for cheap, but if your site is down once every week, then you lose a lot of customers. Choose a good hosting company with 99% up-time to avoid any problems (nobody can guarantee 100% up time).